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Progress Report

Moving from reporting to informing. Providing parents with ongoing information on student progress that reflects high expectations, rigourous standards and clearly defined targets.

The student progress report is one piece of a reporting system that communicates your child’s learning. Prairie Spirit School Division has developed a renewed progress report for grade 1 to 9 that includes the following features:

  • Curriculum-referenced – Clearly reports on the student’s progress in relation to the learning goals and outcomes of the renewed Provincial Curricula
  • Common Format – All students in Prairie Spirit in grades one to nine now have a common progress report
  • Provides Specific Feedback – Teachers will identify the student’s areas of strength, areas for improvement and next steps in learning
  • Supports Self-Assessment – Students are required to assess their own performance with reference to Provincial curricula, and set targets for growth
  • Aligned – Aligned with Ministry Education and other school systems throughout the province
  • Research-based – The Prairie Spirit team has worked closely with leaders in the field, including Anne Davies, Ken O’Connor, Damian Cooper, Sandra Herbst and Tom Schimmer.
  • Supports 21st Century Learning – Reflects key skills, such as problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking

“The new report card clearly indicates how my child is doing in each area of learning. I think it clearly illustrates areas that require attention and areas of strong performance”
Prairie Spirit parent

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education – Saskatchewan Curriculum

Prairie Spirit Sample Progress Report – September 2014

Progress Report – Parent Guide 2014



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